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Our mission at DataGravity is “Turning Data into Information.” Businesses need to react faster and understand the value of critical information that is contained in the massive amounts of data they generate and store each day. The ability to gain valuable insights in a timely manner is the new business challenge and many advances in Big Data applications and Business Intelligence are evolving to provide solutions.

While technology is evolving incrementally, it’s still falling short. For some, the cost of today’s advancing intelligence solutions makes it unattainable. For others having a data scientist on staff to build complex models and analyze datasets makes it a non-starter, especially for the small and medium enterprise. At DataGravity, we recognize the need for a simplified solution that can be administered by the IT pro and leveraged by the business end user, to easily turn data into information giving those using our solution a unique business advantage unlike no other product on the market today.

Our world-class team of engineers and industry thought leaders are hard at work building our patent-pending solution that will change how you manage your data and get actionable business intelligence.

Conveniently located on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line in Nashua, the DataGravity team is working hard to create the next generation of information technology. We are throwing out the status quo and working from a virtually clean sheet of paper. The result of our team’s hard work and dedication will change the way people think about and manage their data while supporting a new wave in the consumerization of IT by giving end users the power to harness the richness of the data around them.

We are staying quiet about the full details of our solution for now. We have full confidence and a strong track record in our ability to build a great company where people are constantly inspired to achieve.

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