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Learn about the DataGravity team and our vision.DataGravity is an emerging startup being led by one of the founders of EqualLogic, Paula Long. Paula, along with John Joseph, her co-founder and former VP of Marketing and Product Management at EqualLogic are out to change the status quo, again. EqualLogic changed the dynamics of how storage was managed, scaled and sold. With unique automation technology, the IT Generalist could become an A+ Storage Administrator.

They designed modular scale out expansion capability into the product that made growth seamless. No more fork lift upgrades. They replaced the a-la-cart software add-ons that were confusing, expensive and required a license with an all-inclusive software model that included all of the software features ever needed to run the product in a single package. Even firmware upgrades were free with a valid support contract. The company was acquired by Dell in 2008, for $1.4B. According to a recent article, Dell grew the customer base from a little more than 3,700 when they acquired EqualLogic to over 50,000 today. Unparalleled customer growth for this industry.

Thoughts on what makes a successful start-up

DataGravity is an early stage company in the data information space. As the company matures we will share more about the specifics of company’s mission beyond the high level overview above. What we can share today is a glimpse of DataGravity’s founders’ view of the essential ingredients of a successful startup.

The first sign of a successful startup is how the company will measure success. If the answer is they measure success by the number of happy customers, you know the company has their eye on the right metric. While at EqualLogic, DataGravity’s founders were most proud of the 98% customer satisfaction rating. We hope to do even better.

The company is focused on building a highly collaborative team where culture is all about building amazing products for customers while at the same time having fun. Innovation over egos is another important part of the culture. The leadership team at DataGravity has a track record of doing just this.

The company needs to either radically change an existing market, or create a new market. The potential market size has to be large enough to support new players, and not require that the company own a large percent of the market to be successful. DataGravity is going after a multi-billion dollar market, its goal is to radically simplify and eliminate IT complexity and to finally make it easy to extract information from the terabytes of dormant data stored by an organization.

These basic tenets served the team at EqualLogic well, and will help to propel DataGravity to continue in the tradition of creating great products that delight customers.

Check back in the coming months as we roll out more specifics about the DataGravity mission.

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